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Other resources

  • Bruxhackers Mailing List : discussions around anti-bruxism devices, EMG sensors, and other remedies (medicine, supplements) for bruxism and teeth grinding.
  • Anthony's Blog: another sufferer of bruxism working on his own device, and frequent contributor on the Bruxhackers list.

Project Goals

To build an open-source wearable device and associated cloud services designed to analyze sleep bruxism and condition the wearer out of bruxism using biofeedback techniques.

Current Status 2016/12/18


  • Changed approach to accelerometer/IMU only solution
  • Built Phase 3 prototype with battery charging and IMU.
  • Using a chin sensor to detect jaw movement.
  • Device firmware working stably.

Web App

  • Backend servers (collecting data from device) stable, deployed in a docker instance.
  • InfluxDB and Grafana instances deployed.
  • Angular front-end allows user to interact with device, start realtime mode, or night mode and view nightly stats.