Project Goals

The SleepTrack project consists of a wearable device and associated web application (both in development currently) designed to monitor and control night-time bruxism.

SleepTrack device

  • Wearable device

    Worn on a headband during sleep.

  • EMG Sensor

    An Electromyography (EMG) sensor measures temporal muscle activity.

  • 9-axis IMU

    A 9 Axis Inertial Measurement Unit IMU tracks movement during sleep.

  • 3.5mm Audio Connector

    Plug-in headphones for biofeedback. Onboard piezo buzzer.

  • LIPO Battery

    Rechargeable battery with charge indicator.

  • WiFi Connectivity

    Data is uploaded to the cloud throughout the night.

SleepTrack Web App

  • Control SleepTrack Device

    From any Desktop Computer, Tablet or Smartphone.

  • Configure Alarm

    Fine-tune biofeedback alarm to achieve the right balance between effectiveness and sleep quality.

  • Track associated factors.

    Correlate nutrition, exercise, supplements, medication and sleep habits with bruxism.

  • Consult nightly results

    See summarized night-by-night data.

  • Explore data patterns

    Analyze all data collected in detail.

Night-time bruxism, also termed teeth grinding, is the unconscious, excessive grinding of the teeth and/or clenching of the jaw during sleep.


Current Status 2016/12/18


  • Changed approach to accelerometer/IMU only solution
  • Built Phase 3 prototype with battery charging and IMU.
  • Using a chin sensor to detect jaw movement.
  • Device firmware working stably.

Web App

  • Backend servers (collecting data from device) stable, deployed in a docker instance.
  • InfluxDB and Grafana instances deployed.
  • Angular front-end allows user to interact with device, start realtime mode, or night mode and view nightly stats.